New Zealand Republic

New Zealand Republic

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Why should New Zealand become a republic?

A few clear reasons why New Zealand should become a republic when it is ready:

1. We would gain a written constitution. In a republic our rights would be protected, whereas in a democracy (such as we are technically) the majority has unrestrained power over society that could lead to oppression. However, it's not about restraining the majority for the sake of it, but rather about restraining the majority so that rights are not violated, and so that everyone's views are heard.

2. We would be able to elect a New Zealander as our Head of State. Do you want your country's Head of State to be an English monarch over 10,000 miles away, who isn't a New Zealander, and couldn't be more removed from us? Or do you want an elected New Zealander as our Head of State that knows and cares about our problems and interests? In order for New Zealand to become truly grown-up, there must be a change where New Zealand is fully run by New Zealanders. It is our democratic right to elect our own Head of State!

3. We will have a real check on the Prime Minister's power. Currently, the Governor General is appointed by the Prime Minister, which means he appoints the only person who can legally dismiss his government. This is not an effective check on the PM's power because he will naturally pick someone to be Governor General who is sympathetic to his party. The Governor General can be dismissed by the Prime Minister at will currently, but an elected New Zealander as our Head of State will provide an effective safeguard to protect our system, and hold the Prime Minister accountable. We will especially need an effective check on the Prime Minister in a time of crisis.

4. We will attain full independence and nationhood. Many people from different countries are confused about our system and our form of government. Too many mix us up with Great Britain, Australia, or other Commonwealth countries. They don't understand our system. By breaking off all political ties to Britain and changing our flag, we will send a message to those countries that they will never forget. We are not part of Australia! We are not a colony of Great Britain! We are not a satellite nation or a protectorate; we are our own people! We are our own country; independent, free, and mighty. New Zealand has a great history of freedom, democratic tradition, tolerance, and diversity. Let us take our rightful place as one people, and as one nation. Let us prove once and for all to ourselves and to the rest of the world that our destiny rests firmly in our own hands. Now is our time!

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